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Air Conditioning Sales and Installation

Here at Dutchman Heating and Cooling Inc., our goal is to deliver the best air conditioning to you and your family. By specializing in custom comfort solutions, we are able to cater to each unique home using the latest technology. Our Comfort Specialist will spend time walking through your home evaluating your existing equipment, informing you of the current condition of your home air conditioning, and determining your ultimate comfort needs. Our detail oriented technicians ensure excellent ac installation service, and the unique system we design specifically for your home best suits your family’s particular preferences and needs.

Dutchman delivers high quality air conditioning services with superior installation, ensuring efficient and long lasting central air. Improperly installed heating and central air conditioning will result in higher electric and gas bills, reduced comfort, longer run time, potentially dangerous conditions, more frequent ac service, and reduced equipment life.

Here at Dutchman, we begin each customer relationship with a no obligation in-home consultation. After considering your unique home qualities and family’s needs, we create a customized plan using the full array of air conditioning units available to us. Each model provides varying levels of efficiency, stages of operation, and type of airflow delivery. The air conditioner price will vary based on energy efficiency and manufacturer.
We pride ourselves in doing the highest quality installation so each ac compressor functions at peak efficiency. In 2013, The Department of Energy raised the minimum level of efficiency to 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This means every air conditioning unit we install uses a small amount of electricity to put out a large amount of cool air. When calculating the actual efficiency level of a heating and air system, we need to consider the condenser (the outdoor portion of the ac unit), the type of fan included in your furnace parts, and the evaporator coil. Properly installed air conditioner systems run at peak efficiency with a lower overall air conditioner cost.

Single stage operation: With this type of operation, the central air conditioner unit is either on or off. The thermostat reads the current temperature of the room, turns on the air conditioning system, and runs until the temperature returns to the programmed setting. Though effective at cooling air quickly, this type is not energy efficient and leads to higher air conditioning cost. Because the system is sized for the entire home on the hotter days of the season the units is typically running more cooling than needed and ends up cycling on and off a lot while never doing a good job delivering an even comfortable temperature throughout the home.

Two stage operation: This type of air conditioning equipment is like having two ac units in one. When the weather is cooler, the air conditioner system runs on a smaller amount of electricity, which leads to slower fan operation and continual cooling. This provides lower humidity inside the home, and increases overall comfort. This cooling system requires a two-stage thermostat to work properly.

Variable operation: These air conditioners function similar to modulating furnaces. Some models are variable speed fans outside and five stages of refrigerant or cooling, while other models offer 100+ stages of variable cooling. The more stages available, the more accurate the system can be to deliver the precise amount of cooling comfort. As the day gets hotter, the system will ramp up and gradually increase the amount of work it does instead of turning on or off throughout the day. By reducing the amount of wear and tear, parts last longer, maintenance costs less, and increase comfort. This system is so precise that it can sense a temperature change when a door to the home is opened, and adjust its cooling settings accordingly. Though more expensive up front, clients will save money on parts and energy costs. This system requires variable speed airflow from the furnace or air handler.
The airflow delivery is determined by what is in the furnace or air handler.

Multi-speed fan: This is the current heating and cooling industry standard. The fan will switch speeds as needed to circulate air around the home.

High efficiency multi-speed fan: These are the same as regular multi-speed fans, but allow your cooling and heating system to function with better efficiency.

Variable speed fans: These Dutchman-preferred, efficient fans are extremely quiet and will save hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bill. With over 100 speeds to choose, the fan will automatically balance the temperature throughout your home. The models we use will maintain proper airflow despite outside temperatures, and extend the life of your air conditioning and heating filter. You can have variable speed airflow on both two stage and modulating furnaces. You can match variable speed airflow to any style air conditioning system.