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Furnace Sales and Installation

Here at Dutchman Heating and Cooling Inc., our goal is to deliver the best heating to you and your family. By specializing in custom comfort solutions, we are able to cater to each unique home using the latest technology. Our Comfort Specialist will spend time walking through your home evaluating your existing equipment, informing you of the current condition of your heating system, and determining your ultimate comfort needs. Our detail oriented technicians ensure the unique system we design specifically for your home best suits your family’s particular preferences and needs.

When it comes to furnaces, the installation is just as critical as the product being installed. Tragically, poor installation is one of the leading causes of an inefficient system. Improperly installed HVAC heating equipment may result in uneven air distribution, hot and cold pockets, and higher gas and electric bills. Dutchman delivers a high quality product with superior installation, ensuring an efficient system that will last longer, require less furnace repair, and deliver more comfort than a typical installation.

Dutchman begins each client relationship with a no obligation in-home consultation. After considering your unique home qualities and family’s needs, we create a customized plan using the full array of furnace models and sizes available to us. Each model provides varying levels of efficiency, stages of operation, and type of airflow delivery.
Lack of Capacity: Systems need to run longer in order to effectively heat or cool. In extreme conditions, systems may never stop running because they simply aren’t powerful enough to keep up with the weather.

Lack of Efficiency: Inefficient systems require more energy to run, exponentially increasing the hourly energy cost.

Lack of Reliability: Skipping Dutchman’s high standards on installations causes systems to work harder, run hotter or colder than they’re designed to run, and cycle on and off more than designed. With all this extra work, your system will break down prematurely and lead to high repair costs. Typically, breakdowns happen during extreme weather when you need them the most.

Reduced Comfort: Improperly installed equipment will negatively affect your overall comfort level. You will never be completely comfortable with the temperature or humidity levels your equipment can provide.

Reduced Equipment Life Span: Detail-oriented installations will significantly increase equipment life. The average furnace will last 18 years, while the average condenser and coil will last 15 years. We believe our products installed the Dutchman Way will result in an average lifespan of over 20 years.

Reduced Comfort: Improperly installed equipment will negatively affect your overall comfort level. You will never be completely comfortable with the temperature or humidity levels your equipment can provide.
At Dutchman, we pride ourselves in doing the highest quality installation so each system functions at peak efficiency. In 2013, The Department of Energy raised the minimum level of efficiency to 90% for the Midwest. This means every furnace we install will have an air intake for combustion air, and a PVC vent pipe. Different models and different sizes will be 90% efficient or 95% efficient, which is important information when receiving a gas provider rebate or government rebate.

Single stage operation: This type of operation is either on or off. When the thermostat calls for heat, the furnace will deliver 100% of its ability until the thermostat shuts it off. The single stage furnace is great at heating air quickly, but not necessarily efficiently.

Two stage operation: This type of heating system uses a two stage thermostat which will switch between stages as needed to consistently keep you at your programmed temperature. This energy efficient product gradually circulates heat or throughout the house, resulting in a more evenly tempered home.

Modulating operation: This is the most advanced type of heater, with up to 100 levels of heat. This furnace system delivers the exact amount of heat for optimum heat comfort and warmth. Modulating operation gradually increases the heat level as the day gets colder so the equipment doesn’t overshoot the thermostat’s temperature setting. Because the system provides more precise settings, clients will not get overheated during warmer days or too chilly when temperatures suddenly drop.

Multi-speed fans: The current industry standard, these fans will switch speeds as needed. Heat requires a slower fan speed, and air conditioning requires a faster speed.

High efficiency multi-speed fans: These are the same as normal multi speed fans, but have a greater electronic efficiency and provide more energy efficient heat.

Variable speed fans: These Dutchman-preferred, efficient fans are extremely quiet and will save hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bill. With over 100 speeds to choose, the fan will automatically balance the temperature throughout your home. The models we use will maintain proper airflow despite outside temperatures, and extend the life of your air conditioning and heating filter. You can have variable speed airflow on both two stage and modulating furnaces. You can match variable speed airflow for any style air conditioning system.