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Air Filtration Sales and Installation

For over 30 years, heating & cooling experts have included air filters in HVAC systems. Dutchman prides ourselves on delivering high quality products and excellent service to our customers. With a free consultation, we are able to design a heat and air system that fits the unique needs of your family, from allergen removal from air to bacteria removal from air.

The filtration system, which evenly and efficiently circulates filtered air throughout the home, is usually attached to the furnace, or airflow delivery system. When considering a new heating system, consumers also need to consider what filtration system is best. It is most cost-effective to install a new furnace when adapting ductwork or dealing with ductwork removal.

1” filters, or passive filters, capture particles on a material barrier to protect equipment from debris buildup. These filters are designed to protect your air conditioning and heating equipment rather than filter mold, bacteria, or other allergens out of the air. Filters that are too dense will cause an overheating HVAC system which leads to continually triggering the safety trip, thus dramatically reducing the overall lifespan of your HVAC equipment. In order to prevent airflow restrictions, these disposable filters should be replaced every month with inexpensive blue filters. Pleated filters restrict more airflow than intended for the HVAC, and may require heater repair sooner rather than later.

Media filters are made of denser material and are able to catch smaller particulates and dust. These filters have a larger surface area than cardboard 1” filters, and need to be replaced every six months instead of every month. For your convenience, Dutchman provides replacement filters for our technicians to install for you.
Electronic air cleaners have been around for 20+ years. By running on electricity, they are able to capture particulates as small as the flu virus. These active filters are great for families with allergies or a compromised immune system. Depending on the type of electronic cleaner in your home, some need new filters every 3-4 months, while others simply need to be vacuumed.
Ultraviolet light, or UV light, kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other living organisms. When installed above air conditioner evaporator coils, they can help kill irritants in the air and make breathing easier. UV bulbs need to be replaced annually.
Air scrubbers, a newer addition to the clean air family, send cleaning agents into the air to actively cleanse air in the living space. Other air cleaners require the air or particulate to be brought into the device in order to clean. This type of cleaner sends out particulate to clean the air throughout the conditioned space.